Engineering policies and publications

PTV had revised the current process for Standards and adopted a new approach towards the development of Engineering Standards. In the new approach, modern standards will consist of overarching policies developed by PTV, and operating standards developed by the Accredited Rail Operators, in line with the overarching policies. The operating standards will be submitted by the Accredited Rail Operators for endorsement by PTV against the long term asset strategies, interoperability requirements and social, economical and environmental perspectives.

These are the current infrastructure standards (train and tram) produced through consultative process and published by PTV. The information is provided in three categories:

  1. Victorian Rail Industry Operators Group (VRIOG) Standards
  2. Former PTC Standards (Train)
  3. Former PTC Standards (Tram)

Type approval registers

An Accredited Rail Operator (ARO) is responsible for type approval of the new equipment and system into their network. The Type Approval Register is maintained by the ARO.