5 - Melbourne University - Malvern

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5 - Melbourne University - Malvern - 52 stations

To Malvern (Burke Road)

Trams commence in Swanston Street near Faraday Street (University of Melbourne) and run via Swanston Street (City), St Kilda Road (Domain Interchange), Dandenong Road and Wattletree Road to terminate near Burke Road (Malvern East). NOTE: Evening services commence from Dandenong Road near Wattletree Road. Board Route 64 tram from Melbourne University/City and change to Route 5 at Stop 38 Orrong Road.

To Melbourne University

Trams commence in Wattletree Road near Burke Road (Malvern East) and run via Wattletree Road, Dandenong Road, St Kilda Road (Domain Interchange) and Swanston Street (City) to terminate near Faraday Street (University of Melbourne). NOTE: Evening services terminate in Dandenong Road near Orrong Road. Board connecting Route 64 trams for travel towards the City and Melbourne University.