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What is Night Bus?

Night Bus is the revamped and improved night time bus service, replacing NightRider services in 2016.

When do Night Buses run?

Night Bus routes that depart from the CBD mostly run every 30 minutes. Night Bus routes departing from suburban stations run hourly to align with the train timetable. First and last trip times vary across routes due to connections to train services.

Timetable information is available and customers can also use the journey planner to plan their travel accordingly.

What is the service offering?

The network includes 21 Night Bus routes – with half of these routes departing from the CBD, and the other half departing from suburban train stations, connecting with trains from the city.

All Night Bus routes are listed below:

How is Night Bus different to NightRider?

The Night Bus network supports and complements the rail network to serve areas beyond the reach of the train and tram networks.

Previous NightRider routes closely followed train corridors, and we have changed these bus route alignments to focus on areas further away from the train and tram services that are operating. As such, not all streets that were served by NightRider bus services are directly served by buses in the new network. However, the Night Bus network has been designed to ensure the vast majority of people who have access to all night public transport will continue to do so under the integrated network of trains, trams and buses.

We are closely monitoring patronage, and if demand is strong, services could be altered or expanded in 2017.

How many new and changed bus stops have been installed?

Where possible, the trial Night Bus network makes use of existing bus stops.

However, as the trial bus network has expanded all night bus service coverage, a small number of new bus stops have been installed and some changes have been made to existing stops.

Night Bus services stop to set down customers at any bus stop or kerbside tram stop along the route, while these buses can be boarded at specially flagged Night Bus stops at key locations along these routes.

Is Night Network free?

Night Network is not free, you will require a valid myki to travel on any of the Night Network services.

For more information, see Night Network fares and ticketing.

Where can I download information about the trial?

Route descriptions, FAQs and all the information on this and other pages can be found on the Night Network Get involved page.

All Night Network maps are now available on the Maps page.

How can I get involved and provide feedback on the Night Network trial?

Community and customer feedback will be key to assessing the success of the trial.

Feedback can be provided in the following ways: