Introducing next-generation myki gates

Added: 28 April 2014

Mitcham, Springvale and Richmond stations will be the first to receive next-generation myki gates, which will be installed progressively across the public transport network as new stations are built or existing stations are upgraded.

The new gates are more robust and can be installed outside in the elements, are quicker, allowing more people to pass through the barriers and are similar to existing gates so spare parts are common.

There are only minor differences to the existing myki gates. The gate paddles are red and customers will now touch on their myki to the blue hand on the digital screen on the gate, rather than below the screen.

Information displayed on the screen when touching on and off has also been simplified for a better customer experience.

When customers touch on successfully the screen flashes green and displays a tick.

If the customer can’t touch on successfully because they have a negative balance the screen flashes red and displays a cross.

The screens also provide basic text information alerting customers to why their touch on has been successful or not.

While these new gates will no longer display fare charge or balance information, customers can get this information from their online account or blue myki checks and myki machines at stations across the network.

These next-generation myki gates will be installed and operational at Mitcham Station from Monday 5 May.

New gates will be in operation at Springvale Station from Monday 12 May with a date for Richmond to be confirmed.