Balaclava Station Upgrade

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Start: May 2013
Finish: October 2014

Project description 

The Balaclava Station Upgrade Project will involve a comprehensive upgrade of the station access and amenities. The project will improve access to the station, deliver new shelters and amenities, and provide a more welcoming station for the community.

Key features of the upgrade include:

  • New ramps and stairs and station facilities which are fully accessible to all people. Provision for future lifts is also included.
  • Additional myki readers
  • Improved passenger information, waiting room and toilets, additional shelter coverage
  • Improved safety and security with new Protective Services Officer (PSO) facilities, increased lighting and closed-circuit television (CCTV)
  • An upgrade to Premium Station status, meaning the station will be staffed from first train to last train every day of the week.

Community feedback in 2012 played a key role in shaping the design. As such the station upgrade will now include an additional six myki readers, bringing the total to ten myki readers across both platforms.  There will also be some changes to the external facade to help provide better visibility and increase the passive surveillance levels at the station.

Project benefits 

The Balaclava Station Upgrade project aims to provide a station that:

  • is accessible for all
  • is a safe, attractive and welcoming environment
  • can meet the needs of the future
  • facilitates connections between transport modes and through the Carlisle Street precinct.

The upgrade of the station will also complement other local initiatives and development in the area, such as the City of Port Phillip’s ‘Balaclava Walk’ project.

What’s happening? 

Project status

In the coming months we will be installing the finishing touches to complete the station upgrade. The station and Protective Services Officers (PSO) buildings, kiosk and waiting room will be completed and the Carlisle Street ramps will re-open.

Over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June the project team worked around the clock to deliver the first major customer benefits as part of the upgrade.

Improvements delivered for Platform 1

  • Customers on the city-end of the platform now have an additional shelter from the rain and more space to move.
  • The city-end of the platform is now almost twice as wide, with new lighting, a smoother surface and better drainage to prevent puddles forming.

Improvements delivered for Platform 2

  • The Sandringham-end of the platform has been elevated to make it easier for customers using mobility aids to board the train.
  • Raised tactiles were also installed to safely guide customers with a visual impairment along the platform.

Watch the time-lapse footage captured during the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (link opens in a new window).


Latest construction notifications  

As we work towards completing the project within the next few months, the project team will be undertaking out-of-hours works over three periods during September.

For safety reasons it is necessary to carry out these works at night while trains are not running and there are no customers at the station. No train services will be disrupted during these works.

Saturday 13 September & Sunday 14 September

From 11pm Saturday 13 September until 6am Sunday 14 September, the project team will be undertaking electrical works in the station buildings on Platform 1. This work will involve assistance from United Energy contractors.

During these works, residents can expect to hear low-level noise from generators required for lighting, reversing beepers (from United Energy vehicles) and general work activity.

Tuesday 16 September until Thursday 18 September

From 7pm Tuesday 16 September until 7am Thursday 18 September, the project team will be undertaking works to construct the new Platform 2 ramp and stairs.

During these works, residents living within close proximity to the construction site can expect to hear high level noise from reversing beepers, the sound of cranes moving and lifting materials, concrete cutting and sawing, drilling and general work activity.

Monday 22 September until Wednesday 24 September

From 7pm Monday 22 September until 7am Wednesday 24 September, the project team will be undertaking works to install tactiles on the new Platform 2 ramp and on Platform 1.

During these works, residents can expect to hear medium-level noise from generators required for lighting and the tactile machinery, hand tools and general work activity.

Platform access during construction 

Carlisle Street entrance to Platform 1 now open - Wednesday 13 August

The Carlisle Street entrance to Platform 1 (to City) re-opened on Wednesday 13 August. Customers can now use the new accessible ramp and access stairs from Carlisle Street to enter the new Platform 1 station forecourt.

Balaclava Walk will remain closed from the Platform 1 station entry ramp and stairs to Nightingale Street.

The temporary entry to Platform 1 on Marlborough Street will be dismantled over the coming weeks.

Access to Platform 2 (to Sandringham) will continue to be via Stuart Street until further notice.

We thank nearby residents and rail customers for their patience during the temporary access arrangement.

Map - Balaclava Station change of access Wednesday 13 August (PDF) 330 KB

On-going construction impacts 

Closure of Marlborough Street car park: Wednesday 8 January

The Marlborough Street car park will be closed from Wednesday 8 January until October 2014. This space will be used to store and assemble the new stairs, ramps and building structures.


Construction overview - Project update: 12 December 2013 

The project team has revised the project’s engineering designs and construction methodology to incorporate methods to effectively manage impacted soil.

Slight modifications have been made to the station’s ramp and stair configuration to provide a smooth transition from Carlisle Street and Balaclava Walk to the platforms.

The Balaclava Station Upgrade will deliver all elements of the committed project scope.

Further details, including the new concept design images, are available in the attached construction overview (PDF) 131kB 

Safety procedures for contaminated soil 

Environmental consultants advise undisturbed soil in the rail reserve does not pose a risk to human health. As land space around Balaclava Station is limited, construction of the new ramps and stairs will require movement and relocation of soil within the rail reserve.

Procedures (control measures) have been put in place to ensure the safety of our workers, the community and the environment.

Safety procedures include:

  • erecting signage and shade cloth on fencing around the work site
  • establishing restricted work areas
  • undertaking soil disturbance works at night
  • undertaking air quality testing
  • training workers on decontamination processes
  • providing additional personal protective clothing and equipment
  • a discreet method of undertaking soil investigations, carried out by accredited EPA contractors.

Further detailed information regarding contaminated soil control measures is available in the Soil management information sheet (PDF) 153kB.


See how the Protective Services Officer (PSO) pod was lifted into place on Platform 1 (link opens in a new window).

Concept designs 

Balaclava Station Upgrade - aerial view of station precinct (PDF) 126kB

Balaclava Station Upgrade - view of Platform 1 and station building (PDF) 158kB

Balaclava Station Upgrade - access to Platform 2 from pedestrian path (PDF) 194kB

More information and online enquiry form 

For more information, please call Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am - midnight daily).

You can provide feedback about the Balaclava Station Upgrade project by completing an online enquiry form.