Artists impression of Southland Station platform 2

New station at Southland


$21 million


Start: Second half 2016
Finish: Second half 2017

Project update

Early works to prepare the site for the main construction of the new Southland Station were completed at the end of March this year.

These early works included the installation of track drainage as well as raising the tracks to provide a straight track for the new station.

In early May signalling and cabling works to introduce new train patterns, including trains stopping at the new station commenced. Weekend signalling and cabling works are planned for 14 and 15 May, and 4 and 5 June between 7am and 7pm while trains are not running to ensure the safety of workers and train users.

Due to the nature of works and the use if machinery such as excavators and trucks, low to medium level construction noise may be experienced. The Heather Grove pedestrian crossing will be closed while works are carried out.

Next steps

The process to appoint a contractor to build the new station began in March 2016. We expect to be able to announce the successful bidder in mid-2016. Main construction works will start shortly after this in the second half of 2016. 

The new station is still on track to be completed in late 2017.

Consultation results and final version of the overarching station design

PTV held community consultation on the design and location of the new station at Southland between March and May 2015. A report detailing the results of the consultation was released in February 2016 and is now available for download below. The report outlines the feedback we received and how it was considered as we finalised the overarching design of the project.

Download the New Station at Southland project - community and stakeholder feedback summary report (PDF) 5.1MB

Download the New station at Southland project, community and stakeholder feedback summary report - accessible version (RTF) 79MB

The final overarching station design, which was refined from the original plan based on the feedback we received, was also released in February. The design now includes connections to the adjacent Garfield Lane and will be future-proofed to allow for second and third entrances from Tulip Grove and Garfield Lane if required in the future.

The station will be built under a 'design and construct' process and so the design is subject to changes when the project goes into the delivery phase.

The decision to name the new station, ‘Southland Station’ was made with consideration for the feedback we received from the community, public transport users and stakeholders. The name of the new station will make the location of the station easily identifiable for visitors and emergency services.

View the overarching design of the new Southland Station (PDF) 710kB

We did take some extra time to complete the preliminary design phase and the consultation process to ensure we considered all the feedback we received. This will allow us to produce a better outcome and long-term station design for the local community and public transport users.

A summary of these results is available in the project newsletter - community update, available for download below. The community update outlines a summary of the feedback we received and how it was considered as we finalised the overarching design of the project.

View the latest project newsletter - community update (PDF) 512kB

View the accessible version of the latest project newsletter - community update (RTF) 90kB

Future use of Tulip Grove

A property on Tulip Grove was listed for sale and purchased by PTV to assist with the construction of the new station.

During the consultation period, PTV sought feedback on whether a second access point should be provided as part of a potential future stage two of the project and asked for any suggestions for the interim use of the land.

The feedback we received from the local community about the Tulip Grove entrance was very carefully considered as we evaluated the option to provide a second entrance to the new station through this area.

The comments we received from nearby residents indicated that there was no support for a station entrance from Tulip Grove, particularly in the short-term. However, this may be an option that is needed in the long-term as the density of the local area and demand for public transport services grows.

With this in mind, the design of the station has been future-proofed to allow an entrance from Tulip Grove if it is required. A more detailed assessment to better understand the usage of the station from the surrounding area, taking into account future changes to the surrounding area and residential developments, will be carried out after the station is opened.

In the meantime, 60 Tulip Grove will be used to assist with the construction of the station as originally intended.

We will continue discussions with local residents and key stakeholders about what would be the best use of this land until (and if) an additional station entrance is warranted.

Project description 

The new station at Southland will be located on the Frankston line between Highett and Cheltenham stations.

The new station has been designed to be modern, safe and accessible for all members of the community.

The preliminary design includes station features such as:

  • ramp and stair access to both platforms
  • a pedestrian underpass
  • a freestanding, automated toilet
  • seating and shelter on the platforms
  • CCTV cameras
  • Protective Services Officer (PSO) facilities.

Project benefits

The new station will improve public transport access for the local community and provide access to Southland shopping centre for visitors and staff.

Media releases

On Tuesday 16 February 2016, the Victorian Government released the final overarching project design and results of consultation on the preliminary design and location of the new station.

On Monday 2 March 2015, Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan, announced that the new station at Southland would feature customer toilets, after listening to community feedback. You can read the Minister's media release here.

The release of the Expression of Interest (EOI) for the new station at Southland was announced by the Minister on Monday 25 May 2015. You can read the Minister’s media release here.

Contact us

For more information, please contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007.

You can also contact the project team by completing an online enquiry form.