487 - Sunbury Railway Station - Killara Heights

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Route Description

To Sunbury

Departs from the terminus in Rees Rd near Killara Primary School and runs via Fullbrook Dr, Phillip Dr, Riddell Rd, Strathearn Dr, Stewarts La, Stockfeld St, Reservoir Rd, Elizabeth Rd, Riddell Rd, Evans St and Brook St to the terminus at Sunbury Station. Some PM services run express from Killara Heights to Sunbury Station via Riddell Rd.

To Killara Heights

Departs from the terminus at Sunbury Station and runs via Brook St, Evans St, Riddell Rd, Elizabeth Dr, Reservoir Rd, Stockfeld St, Stewarts La, Strathearn Dr, Riddell Rd, Phillip Dr and Rees Rd to the corner of Phillip Dr in Killara Heights. Some AM services run express from Sunbury Station to Killara Heights via Riddell Rd.

Operator Details

Sunbury Bus Service
Contact Sunbury Bus Service: 9744 1177
Website: Sunbury Bus Service
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