Geelong City - Marshall - Deakin University (Route 19) (until 11 October 2014)

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Route Description

To Geelong City

Departs from the bus terminus at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds and travels via Alfred Deakin Dr, Pigdons Rd, Colac Rd (Princes Hwy), Pioneer Rd, Meadowvale Dr, Rossack Dr, Heyers Rd, Torquay Rd, Perrett St, Hansen Dr, Burleigh Dr, Reserve Rd, Bailey St and Marshalltown Rd to Marshall Station; then via Marshalltown Rd, Surf Coast Hwy, Torquay Rd, Corio St, High St, Moorabool St and Lonsdale St to South Geelong Station. Then via Yarra St, Kilgour St, Moorabool St bus interchange, Malop St, Mercer St and Railway Tce to Geelong Station.

To Deakin University

Departs from the terminus at Geelong Railway Station via Railway Terrace, Mercer St, Malop St, Moorabool St bus interchange, Kilgour St and Yarra St to South Geelong Railway Station; then via Verner St, Moorabool St, High St, Corio St, Torquay Rd, Surf Coast Hwy, Marshalltown Rd to Marshall Railway Station. Then via Marshalltown Rd, Bailey St, Reserve Rd, Burleigh Dr, Hansen Dr, Perrett St, Surf Coast Hwy, Heyers Rd, Rossack Dr, Meadowvale Dr, Pioneer Rd, Colac Rd (Princes Hwy), Pigdons Rd and Alfred Deakin Dr to Deakin University bus terminus, Waurn Ponds.

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Contact McHarrys: 5223 2111
Website: McHarrys

Route Map

Map Of Geelong City - Marshall - Deakin University (Route 19) (until 11 October 2014)