663 - Belgrave - Lilydale via Kallista, The Patch, Monbulk, Mt Evelyn

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Route Description

To Lilydale

Departs from the terminus at Belgrave Station and runs via Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Monbulk Rd, Church St, Kallista- Emerald Rd, The Patch Rd, Masches Hill Rd, Baynes Park Rd and Main Rd to the corner of Main Rd and Emerald—Monbulk Rd, Monbulk; then via Main Rd, Monbulk Rd, Hereford Rd, Birmingham Rd, Wray Cr, York Rd, Swansea Rd, Anderson St and Maroondah Hwy to the terminus at Lilydale Station.

To Belgrave

Departs from the terminus at Lilydale Station and runs via Maroondah Hwy, Anderson St, Swansea Rd, York Rd, Brimingham Rd, Wray Cres, York Rd, Monbulk Rd, Main Rd to Emerald-Monbulk Rd, Monbulk; then via Main Rd, u-turn at Monbulk Rd roundabout, Main Rd, Baynes Park Rd, Masches Hill Rd, The Patch Rd, Kallista- Emerald Rd, Monbulk Rd and Belgrave-Gembrook Rd to the terminus at Belgrave Station. ROUTE DEVIATION: Some trips run via Monbulk Secondary College on school days.

Operator Details

Ventura (Lilydale)
Contact Ventura (Lilydale): 9737 2000
Website: Ventura (Lilydale)