562 - Northland SC - Whittlesea via South Morang Station (until 23 July 2016)

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Route Description

To Northland SC

Bus departs from Yea Rd near Fore St and operates via Yea Rd, Beech St, Church St, Laurel St, Plenty Rd, Bush Bvd, McDonalds Rd and Civic Dr to South Morang Station. From South Morang Station bus runs via Civic Dr, Morang Dr, Childs Rd, Betula Av, McKimmies Rd, Plenty Rd,Tyler St, Laurel St, Wood St, Hannah St and Murray Rd to the terminus at Northland Shopping Center bus interchange. HUMEVALE EXTENSION: Selected trips commence at Humevale. These depart from the terminus in Humevale Rd near Gingles Rd and operates via Humevale Rd and Yea Rd. Buses then operate via the route described above to Northland SC.

To Whittlesea

Departs from the terminus at Northland Shopping Centre bus interchange (Bay 4) and operates via Hannah St, Wood St, Laurel St, Tyler St, Plenty Rd, McKimmies Rd, Betula Av, Childs Rd, Morang Dr, and Civic Dr to South Morang Station. From South Morang Station bus operates via Civic Dr, McDonalds Rd, Bush Bvd, Plenty Rd to Whittlesea, Walnut St, Church St, Beech St and Yea Rd to Eastern Hill terminus near Fore St. HUMEVALE EXTENSION: Some trips extend along Yea Rd and Humevale Rd to terminate at Humevale terminus near Gingles Rd. PLEASE NOTE: From Monday 28th April 2014, Roue 562 service to Whittlesea departs from Bay 4 at the Northland Shopping Centre bus interchange, on Murray Rd side.

Operator Details

Contact Dysons: 9463 3999
Website: Dysons

Wheelchair Access

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