400 - Sunshine - Laverton via Robinsons Road (until 26/07/2014)

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Route Description

To Sunshine

Departs from Laverton Station in Maher Road and runs via Maher Road, Bladin Street, Old Geelong Road, Fitzgerald Road and Dohertys Road to Port Phillip Prison. From Port Phillip Prison bus runs via Palmers Road and Robinsons Road, Middle Road to the Metropolitan Remand Centre. From the Metropolitan Remand Centre bus runs via Middle Road, Robinsons Road and Riding Boundary Road to the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. From the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre bus runs via Riding Boundary Road, Foleys Road, Westminster Parkway, Windsor Boulevard, Hammerwood Avenue, St Leonards Avenue, Windsor Boulevard, Mount Derrimut Road, Tilburn Road, Forrest Street, Anderson Road, Sun Crescent and the overpass to Sunshine Station Bus Interchange.

To Laverton RS

Departs from Sunshine Railway Station Bus Interchange and runs via the Overpass, Durham Road, Anderson Road, Forrest Street, Tilburn Road, Mount Derrimut Road, St Leonards Avenue, Hammerwood Avenue, Windsor Boulevard, Westminster Parkway, Foleys Road and Riding Boundary Road to Dame Phylilis Frost Centre. It then departs via Riding Boundary Road, Robinsons Road and Middle Road to the Metropolitian Remand Centre. It then departs from the Metropolitan Remand Centre via Middle Road, Robinsons Road, Palmers Road, Dohertys Road to Port Phillip Prison. It then travels via Dohertys Road, Fitzgerald Road, Old Geelong Road, Bladin Street, Wright Street,Thomas Street, Woods Street, Lohse Street and Maher Road to the terminus at Laverton Railway Station.

Operator Details

Westrans - Altona
Contact Westrans - Altona: 9398 2712
Website: Westrans - Altona

Route Map

Map Of 400 - Sunshine - Laverton via Robinsons Road (until 26/07/2014)