411 - Laverton Station - Footscray via Altona Meadows, Altona, Millers Road (until 21/05/2016)

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Route Description

To Laverton Station

Departs from Paisley St and operates via Albert St, Buckley St, Geelong Rd, Altona Gate Shopping Centre, Millers Rd, Blyth St, Maidstone St, Queen St, Victoria St, Merton St and Railway Av to Laverton Station. RELATED ROUTE: 412.

To Footscray

Departs from Laverton Station and runs via Railway Av, Merton St, Victoria St, Queen St, Maidstone St, Blyth St, Millers Rd, Altona Gate Shopping Centre, Geelong Rd, Buckley St, Nicholson St, Irving St, and Leeds St to the terminus in Paisley St, east of Albert St. NOTE: THE 4.03 PM WEEKDAY SERVICE FROM LAVERTON DOES NOT RUN VIA MERTON & VICTORIA STREETS, ALTONA MEADOWS

Operator Details

CDC Melbourne (Altona)
Contact CDC Melbourne (Altona): 9398 2712
Website: CDC Melbourne (Altona)