Concession tickets cost around half the full fare and are available for most ticket types.

You can travel on concession tickets if you are aged 16 years and under or carry an approved Victorian Concession Card.

Children aged under four years old may travel free on public transport in Victoria, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Children aged 16 years and under do not need a concession card to travel on a concession fare. For more information, see children on public transport.

If you are a student aged 17 and over, you must carry a valid concession card.

Holders of the following cards are eligible to purchase concession fares.

  Health Care Card
  Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card
  Victorian Seniors Card
  War Veterans / War Widows
  VPT Asylum Seeker Concession Cards

More information about concession cards is available in the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual.

Concession cards can be used on the following services:

  • train, tram and bus passenger services operating  in metropolitan Melbourne
  • on train and bus passenger services operated by V/Line throughout regional Victoria 
  • and other public transport services operated under contract or service agreement with Public Transport Victoria (PTV).

Concessions do not necessarily apply to CountryLink, Great Southern Railway, airport services, tourist railways, privately run bus services and chartered trains, trams and buses. Please check with the relevant operator before booking or travelling.

Concession cards are not transferable and must be carried at all times when travelling. They are not valid if they have been tampered with or damaged.

A seat may be reserved on V/Line reserved services for infants free of charge.

Remember, you must carry a valid concession card at all times when travelling on a concession ticket. If you don't, your concession ticket is invalid for travel and you could receive an infringement.