Health Care Card

Holders of a Health Care Card with a Victorian address can travel on concession fares.

Dependents named on the card cannot travel on concession fares unless they are aged 16 years or younger or if they have a valid concession card in their own name.

Dependants listed on Health Care Cards may be able to apply to Centrelink to have a Health Care Card issued in their own name.

Centrelink-issued 'Confirmation of Concession Card Entitlement Vouchers' can be used as proof of entitlement for concession fares on public transport while your Health Care Card application is being processed.

For more information on applying for Health Care Cards, visit


Centrelink concession cards – Digital Wallet  

Digital Wallet is a feature on Centrelink Express Plus mobile apps enabling customers to use their smart device as an alternative to physical concession cards.

Please note: Both the digital wallet and the physical card are acceptable as proof of eligibility for concession fares on public transport.

For more information of the Digital Wallet, contact Centrelink or visit