myki money

With myki money, you ‘pay as you go’. Simply top up with myki money to access 2 hour and Daily fares.

Your myki will automatically calculate the lowest fare possible according to the zones you travel within as you touch on and touch off.

Your first touch on of the day will create a 2 hour fare product.  If you continue to travel after your 2 hour fare expires, a daily cap applies.

When using myki money, you should have enough value on your myki to pay for your whole journey. See myki fares for fare prices.

If your myki money balance is negative (even if you have a valid myki pass), you will not be able to touch on and you will not have a valid ticket for your trip. This includes changing mode or vehicle during your journey.

Ticket types

2 hour

Your first touch on of the day will expire exactly 2 hours after your first touch on.

However, if your first touch on occurs after 6pm, then you can travel until 3am the next morning and you will only pay a 2 hour fare.

You should continue to touch on and touch off as you travel so that you have a valid ticket and pay the correct fare for your journey.

Daily cap

Once a daily cap has been reached, you can make unlimited journeys within the applicable zone/s until the end of the day and pay no more than the daily cap. The daily cap is the same as two, 2 hour fares for the zone/s in which you travel.

Weekend and public holiday daily cap

On weekends and public holidays, you will pay no more than $6.00 per day for unlimited travel in Zones 1 and 2.

Seniors daily cap and free weekend travel

For more information about travelling with a seniors myki card, see Seniors

Early Bird train travel

Travel is free using myki on the electrified train network before 7am on a weekday when you touch on and off.

To receive a free travel entitlement, including Early Bird and seniors free weekend travel, you need a positive myki money balance to touch on.

Change of mind

At a train station, if you touch on and then decide not to travel, touch off within 15 minutes of touching on and you are charged nothing for this change of mind. There is no change of mind period on trams or buses.

Prepaid Travel Authority

The Prepaid Travel Authority allows groups of 12 or more people (maximum of 35 on trams and 25 on buses) to travel together at a reduced rate. Please note: this is a paper ticket and not a myki card. Groups can travel on concession 2 hour or Daily myki money fares. For more information, see Prepaid Travel Authority.

Off-peak fares (V/Line only)

When you travel three or more zones, an off-peak discount of 30 per cent may apply (this is in addition to any concession discount).

Off-peak fares apply to all trips of at least three zones, except where you touch off in Zone 1 before 9am on a weekday, or touch on in Zone 1 between 4 and 6 pm on a weekday. With myki, off-peak fares apply to concession passengers on weekends.

If you don’t touch off at the end of your trip you will be charged a peak fare.