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832 Frankston - Carrum Downs via Kananook, McCormicks Road

832 - Frankston - Carrum Downs via Kananook, McCormicks Road

Stations / Stops  
Frankston Railway Station/Young St (Frankston)5:50 am6:20 am6:50 am7:20 am7:50 am8:20 am8:50 am9:20 am9:50 am10:20 am10:50 am11:20 am11:50 am12:20 pm12:50 pm1:20 pm1:50 pm2:20 pm2:50 pm3:20 pm3:50 pm4:20 pm4:50 pm5:20 pm5:50 pm6:20 pm6:50 pm7:20 pm8:10 pm9:05 pm
Kananook Station/Wells Rd (Seaford)5:55 am6:25 am6:55 am7:25 am7:55 am8:25 am8:55 am9:25 am9:55 am10:25 am10:55 am11:25 am11:55 am12:25 pm12:55 pm1:25 pm1:55 pm2:25 pm2:55 pm3:25 pm3:55 pm4:25 pm4:55 pm5:25 pm5:55 pm6:25 pm6:55 pm7:25 pm8:14 pm9:09 pm
Mitre Cres/Ballarto Rd (Carrum Downs)6:06 am6:36 am7:06 am7:36 am8:06 am8:36 am9:06 am9:36 am10:06 am10:36 am11:06 am11:36 am12:06 pm12:36 pm1:06 pm1:36 pm2:06 pm2:36 pm3:06 pm3:36 pm4:06 pm4:36 pm5:06 pm5:36 pm6:06 pm6:36 pm7:06 pm7:36 pm8:24 pm9:19 pm
Hall Rd/Lyrebird Dr (Carrum Downs)6:16 am6:46 am7:16 am7:46 am8:16 am8:46 am9:16 am9:46 am10:16 am10:46 am11:16 am11:46 am12:16 pm12:46 pm1:16 pm1:46 pm2:16 pm2:46 pm3:16 pm3:46 pm4:16 pm4:46 pm5:16 pm5:46 pm6:16 pm6:46 pm7:16 pm7:46 pm8:32 pm9:27 pm
Bawden St/Frankston-Dandenong (East) Rd (Carrum Downs)6:24 am6:54 am7:24 am7:54 am8:24 am8:54 am9:24 am9:54 am10:24 am10:54 am11:24 am11:54 am12:24 pm12:54 pm1:24 pm1:54 pm2:24 pm2:54 pm3:24 pm3:54 pm4:24 pm4:54 pm5:24 pm5:54 pm6:24 pm6:54 pm7:24 pm7:54 pm8:39 pm9:34 pm

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